The Bible Institute of Missouri was so named to indicate an institute of higher learning set up for those who are interested in studying God’s Word. It is located in Springfield, Missouri, which is in the southwest part of the state.

The Bible Institute of Missouri has been established for the purpose of training men to be proclaimers of God’s Word throughout the United States and the world. The school recognizes the need for training institutions that are affordable> to those who may not have the means to attend a college or university. Also, the great need for faithful gospel preachers in the brotherhood has brought about the establishment of the Bible Institute of Missouri./strong> Another great purpose of this school is to provide extension courses to help take care of the need for more teaching and training in the Lord’s church. The Bible Institute of Missouri is open to all who desire to gain further Bible knowledge and/or to become full-time gospel preachers. The school will make every effort to maintain the highest standard in teachers, students and academics. The Bible Institute of Missouri offers the equivalent or 139 semester hours in Bible and related subjects, it must be remembered that the Bible Institute of Missouri is operated by and for churches of Christ.

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